MetaFit Solutions is proving lifestyle driven diseases
can be prevented or mitigated
through personalized health plans.


To empower millions of people how to manage their personal health.


MetaFit Solutions is committed to teaching and coaching people of all ages and health conditions
effective techniques for transforming their current health, into the best that it can be.
MetaFit Solutions is a technology-driven lifestyle behavioral change platform that interprets metabolic and wearable lifestyle data and uses personalized health and wellness coaching to create sustainable disease prevention and/or chronic disease management changes. 
The MetaFit platform is a HIPAA compliant web and mobile based health coaching system that combines awareness, education and self-management skills to design personalized action plans that clients carry out under the supervision of a certified MetaFit Health Coach. 
The MetaFit platform creates high engagement rate, targeted behavioral change and evidence based health outcomes resulting from personalized 10-week coaching cycles. MetaFit works together with a team of health professionals to provide the personalized skill development necessary for successful lifestyle change and quantifies health outcomes resulting from behavioral change.
Paula Franetti MS; CHC; CPT, developed the Lifestyle Change platform in response to the growing need for accurate interpretation of lifestyle data in the design of disease prevention and health management plans. 
Paula has over 28 years in health care including rehabilitative disease management through prosthetics and orthotics to personalized disease prevention consulting.  She is a certified health and wellness coach with advanced training in cardiac exercise physiology, lifestyle and weight management, and personal training. 
Her expertise includes: lifestyle change software application design and testing; metabolic and sensor technology interpretation; the design and management of lifestyle change programming; weight management and fitness training coaching; cardiovascular stress testing; phase II & III cardiac rehab; fitness assessments; customized prosthetic and orthotic design and application. 
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